We have this ongoing theory that Eggo Waffles are somehow linked to Eleven’s mysterious powers and the Upside Down. We believe that there’s something inside the delicious golden frozen breakfast food that allows El to channel her psychic abilities to their full potential! That’s why we’ve been eating a bajillion of them, in hopes of awakening some psychic powers of our own. We still haven’t developed any powers, but soon…

In the meantime, we like to gaze at this tiny Funko POP vinyl of Eleven! It comes licensed from Stranger Things and it helps give us the courage to continue the good fight. Why, if she can muster enough courage to face off against a Demogorgon (side note, that monster is totally not a Demogorgon), then we can probably be brave and continue our struggle to gain super powers! Why kind of things will this POP figure inspire you to do?

Eleven with Eggos Funko Pop! #421

SKU: FN13318