• u gotta try a bubble popper sensory fidget toy! pop it, push it, the bubble popper toy is like never-ending bubble wrap. tons of calming fidget fun for cheap. stimulate ur senses!
  • sensory stimulation & tactile play
  • hours of calming fun
  • pop the bubbles, then flip ur toy over & pop it again - & again!
  • or use it as a game board! challenge a friend to a bubble-popping strategy game for 2 players: take turns popping as many bubbles as u like in a single row. the last player to pop a bubble loses!
  • get ur hands on these hot new toys for a cool low price!
  • size: 5in (W) each
  • brand: five below
  • ages: 4+
  • material: 100% silicone

Bubble popper sensory fidget toy 5in

SKU: 136291-00